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new stuff ^^




Zeno collab by DarkUmbreon12
Zeno collab
I did the lineart and TheMangaPikachu did the colour- I actually think the squirrel was the hardest part of all xD
Bird practice by DarkUmbreon12
Bird practice
Sketches of various birds of all shapes and sizes XD
Bobby by DarkUmbreon12
Somebody asked me to draw a dog for them so I drew
my own dog, bobby! ^^ I used a mixture of prismacolour lightfast, premium and coloured led pencils :3 this took me so long x.x
yorozuya by DarkUmbreon12
Been watching the latest episodes of Gintama- the latest arc is so amazing! I really hate the backgrounds but oh well XD
Cheetah close up by DarkUmbreon12
Cheetah close up
This was hard for me xD so much fur... And whiskers are hard... Noses are hard... Eyes are hard too... I will still draw more big cats though because cats are the best! ^u^
  • Listening to: my dog barking
  • Reading: gintama!!
  • Watching: gintama!! >u
  • Playing: nothing...
  • Eating: nothin...
  • Drinking: nothin...
tagged by :mirajanestrauss14: Hope that icon shows...Ah okay I'll do these questions- I don't think I can tag 10 people tho- just not possible without doubling >.>

Rules: must post these rules
2.each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3.answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4.choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal have to legitimately tag 10 people tag-backs can't say that you don't do tags MUST make a journal entry!

Well now that you've skipped that- on to the questions!

10 facts:
1.I can never quite think of ten facts about myself so I just stall
2.I am never usually asked to list 10 facts about myself
3. I want a hammock really badly!
4. I want to get loads of puppies so that when I call them they make a huge adorable stampede >u<
5. I have a smoothie almost every day for breakfast! B)
6.what-deep dark secrets? I've never told anyone I want a hammock!
7. I keep getting given pencils recently and its scaring me
8.i love icecream! No not vanilla... Mostly apple crumble ^^
9.Hey like the friend who tagged me (I can see you reading this!) I wanna visit Japan too! Mostly the rural bit though ^^
10.i like to name my stuff like my guitar! No not vanilla.. Okay it's vanilla

More questions!?
What's your dream house?
I dont have one- I'd prefer to do up a really run down one! But id like the run down house to be a cottage ^^

What's your dream house location?
Far far away from here. Australia would be nice...

What was your most favourite vacation?
Gosh uhm... Centerparcs because of the forest!

What time were you born?
Hey what the- that escalated quickly! Were those casual questions a trap!? Only my mother knows!

What eye colour have you got?
Not blue green grey or brown- I'm not giving it away!

What's another hobby of yours?
Stroking my cat over and over till he looks at me like 'you're gonna make my bald stooop!'

Your worst injury?
I've never had more than a sprain really :\

How does a typical evening of you look like?
Uhhh reading gintama, watching gintama, drawing characters from gintama... Oh and homework!

Is it easy for you to get out of bed?
Yup, I cant wait to have breakfast!

Favourite movie?
The prestige for sure- such an awesome movie! ^U^

My questions: Just keep em the same :3
Err can I just tag the same as the person who tagged me,a lot of the tags are similar to mine so it wouldn't be possible for me ;-;


United Kingdom

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